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Gold Coast police clerk accused of leaking information to her 'bikie' boyfriend says she has been unfairly targeted

Suspended from her administrative role at Palm Beach Police station, Cheryl Jones, is pictured with her partner, Jay Turner, ...

Suspended from her administrative role at Palm Beach Police station, Cheryl Jones, is pictured with her partner, Jay Turner, who police believe to have bikie links. Mr Turner denies any connections. Picture: Jerad Williams Source: News Limited

A VETERAN Gold Coast police clerk has been stood down, accused of leaking confidential information to her 'bikie' boyfriend.

Cheryl Jones, 56, was marched from the Palm Beach police station on Friday in what she fears will be a devastating end to her 18-year career with the Queensland Police Service.

The mother-of-two fought back tears yesterday as she claimed to be a 'scapegoat' of the state's tough new bikie laws.


Ms Jones, who began dating alleged bikie associate Jay 'JT' Turner a year ago, has been suspended over claims she accessed and released confidential information from the police data base and lied at her disciplinary hearing.

She admits to looking up information about Mr Turner and her ex-husband but says it was for personal and not criminal reasons.

"I've done no worse than any other police officer who have looked up people (for personal reasons)," she said.

"I'm a good person and I don't break the law. I don't have a criminal history and in 18 years with the QPS, I've never, ever been in trouble.

"Staff were in tears when I was escorted out of the police station on Friday."

Police confirmed an investigation was under way.

"A female staff member from South Eastern Region was yesterday suspended from official duty with the Queensland Police Service," a spokeswoman said.


"The 56-year-old woman is facing allegations of misconduct in relation to criminal and disciplinary matters.

"This does not mean that the allegations against the member have been substantiated."

Ms Jones said her problems started when she began seeing Mr Turner, a heavily-tattooed former boxer who has trained sporting greats including surfing legend Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew, ironman great Guy Leech and football star Benji Marshall.

He admits to being a former Harley Davidson-riding 'hardman' who has had run-ins with the law and to knowing bikies including feared former Bandido turned Hells Angel John Fahey - but ''only to say g'day' to.''


"If someone says 'g'day' to me in the street, I don't care if they're a bikie - I'm going to say 'g'day' back," he said.

"If people come to my gym to train, I don't ask them who they're affiliated with.

"The police have accused me of being tied up with the Hells Angels, the Lone Wolves, Odins Warriors and the Bandidos which I'm not.

"I'm not a bikie, I'm not a gangster or a drug dealer - I'm a pensioner who takes a few boxing classes a week.

"My concern is that Cheryl is a very nice lady who doesn't deserve this. You can't help who you fall in love with."

Mr Turner said he had been harassed by the police after becoming involved with a 'dodgy, drug-dealing' cousin of a Gold Coast police officer and believes this had ricocheted onto Ms Jones.

He said his mobile phone had been seized at Ms Jones' disciplinary hearing by police who accused him of receiving calls from Fahey.

"They're making me out to be a criminal which I'm not," he said.

Ms Jones said that after the new bikie laws came into force last October, she was ordered to formally declare her association with Mr Turner.

She returned from annual leave last month to find her access to the police computer had been restricted.

On Friday, an inspector arrived at the station unannounced to tell her she had been stood down.

"I get the feeling they're trying to push for something criminal but I've done nothing criminal," Ms Jones said, adding she had spoken to lawyers and her union.

"I love working at the Palm Beach station and all the people there. All my problems started from police headquarters.

"I think it's all coming about because of the current (anti-bikie) climate. I'm being made a scapegoat, a bunny. For whatever reason, someone has targeted me and it's been relentless."