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Facebook comments supporting accused Yandina Rebels bikies disagraceful, says Police Minister Jack Dempsey

gees you better get used to it c67t!
Peter Wellington says ordinary Queenslanders should fear the new VLAD laws. Courtesy: Nine
POLICE Minister Jack Dempsey has slammed comments made on behalf of the so-called Yandina 5 which label Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody a “fat pompous p---k” and “fa--ot” and police as “pigs”.

The five men, alleged participants of the Rebels motorcycle gang, were arrested under anti-association laws in December, after having a drink at the Yandina Hotel on the Sunshine Coast.

Pics posted in supporter shirts

Five’s gang past revealed


Arrests may swell to seven

Steven Smith, 28, remains in custody while Paul Lansdowne, 57, Joshua Carew, 30, Scott Conley, 36, and Dan Whale, 26, have been released on bail.

Former Rebels member Mike Smith - the father of Steven Smith, stepfather of Scott Conley and father-in-law of Joshua Carew - has been outspoken over the arrests.

A message on the Free the Yandina 5 Facebook page, signed “smithy”, attacks Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody over the moment he refused bail for Steven Smith. The page has more than 16,000 likes.

“You know why steve is still in jail Couse that fat pompous p…k who looked at tracy and said ‘THESE MEN CAN SIT IN THEIR CELLS OVER CHRISTMAS AND REFLECT ON THE FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL HARDSHIP THEY HAVE CAUSED THEIR FAMILYS (sic),’ ” the post said. “News flash d---head, it was you who caused the hardship by being a pupet for the newman blay side show (sic), keep dancing fa**ot, you have to earn that judges wig, you are a MAGGOT.


Mike Smith denied posting the comment but said he wished he had. He said he was frustrated by the Government’s laws and the judicial process.

A censored version of the Facebook post.

A censored version of the Facebook post.

“The misuse of power by Campbell Newman and this Government is glaringly evident,” he told <i>The Sunday Mail</i>.

“It is further glaringly evident we need an Upper House or ­Senate and a Bill of Rights.”

A message under the name “Scott Smith” included a photo of a pig, saying “now we have the worst type of criminal living in the street”.

The user refers to Steven as his brother in separate posts. Mr Smith denied his stepson had made the other post and said it could have been anyone.

“Just what I need a filthy f****ing stinky cop living in my street,” the post read.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the comments were “disgraceful and deeply disturbing. Abuse of this nature is appalling and unacceptable”.

“Police are charged with the responsibility of protecting the community and keeping our families safe from harm,” he said.

“It’s something they take extremely seriously.

Minister throws the Facebook at them

Former Rebels member Mike Smith with stepson Scott Conley and Joshua Carew, both of whom were charged with associating at the Yandina Hotel.