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Police pressure on Gold Coast tattoo parlours to ensure registration

CHECK UP: Police yesterday started checks on tattoo parlour registrations, including at N

CHECK UP: Police yesterday started checks on tattoo parlour registrations, including at New Era Tattoo, 'King of Ink Tattoo', Parlour in Southport. PICTURE: Jerad Williams

GOLD Coast tattoo parlours which have not registered their business or staff are being pressured by police to comply with new legislation.

Police started reinforcement tactics this week and yesterday visited six tattoo studios which had not complied with new legislation requiring an operating licence and police background checks. Studios and tattooists had until Monday to lodge paperwork for a licence to the Office of Fair Trading but some still hadn’t completed it.

Superintendent Jim Keogh said police were doing rounds visiting local studios whose paperwork had not yet been received.


“We’re going around making sure that they’ve complied,” he said.

“Those who haven’t, we’re asking them if they are having difficulties in complying. We’re reinforcing the message with them that they must comply with the registration of the tattoo shop and tattoo artists.”

Supt Keogh said the objective was not to close the studios down but rather a check-up.

“Some of the places we spoke to said ‘Look, we have sent it away but we’ve only just sent it away’,” Supt Keogh said.

“Eventually, we’ll go through all the places that haven’t complied and those without justification will be prosecuted.”

The legislation provided an opportunity for legitimate business operators in the industry to possibly extend and take over companies that close in light of the legislation, he added.

Tattoo businesses which don’t comply face fines of up to $55,000 for a first offence and up to $110,000 and 18 months’ jail for subsequent offences.