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Court date today for 22 Bandidos involved in Broadbeach brawl.

Bandidos criminal motorcycle gang colors.

Bandidos criminal motorcycle gang colors. Source: News Limited

THE pursuit of bikies through the courts continues today as lawyers for 22 Bandidos charged over the notorious Broadbeach brawl prepare to front court.

More than 35 Bandidos have been charged over the public fight that left seven people injured and led to the creation of new anti-bikie laws.

A total 22 of the cases have been marshalled into one courtroom in the Southport Magistrates Court today but the defendants have been instructed not to appear in a bid to avoid breaches of the anti-association laws outside court.

Several now ex-Bandidos have already pleaded guilty to riot, receiving sentences ranging from 150 hours community service to six months jail.

Two Finks associates at the centre of the brawl who are charged with affray will face a one-day trial on March 13.

Solicitor Jason Jacobson has indicated alleged Finks Jason Trouchet and Matthew Sward would plead not guilty to affray.

Police have alleged Trouchet threw the first punches after being confronted by group of more than 60 Bandidos in club colours on September 28 last year.