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Hells Angels ride the NSW border to fund their legal fight against Queensland's bikie laws

Updated Mon 3 Mar 2014, 9:07am AEDT


Hells Angels bikies have completed a charity run in New South Wales to raise money for their court challenge to Queensland's controversial bikie laws.

100 bikies took their fight south of the border because it is illegal in Queensland for two or more bikie members to congregate.

They rode from Woodenbong in northern inland New South Wales to Murwillumbah on the state's north coast.

Just to be safe, only one bikie wore their Hells Angels' colours, the rest were plain-clothed.

Police monitored the ride from the ground and the air.

The Hell's Angels' Facebook page says no fines were issued on the ride and police were 'well behaved'.

The money raised will fund the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland's legal team.

The Hells Angels need about $250,000.

New laws were pushed through last October which allow the Queensland government to declare any group a criminal organisation without having to present evidence to prove it.

The laws were introduced after a public brawl involving the Bandido bikies on the Gold Coast.