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New evidence emerges agains bikies involved in notorious Gold Coast riot

Jacques Teamo and his fellow Bandidos went to Broadbeach with the intention of causing ma

Jacques Teamo and his fellow Bandidos went to Broadbeach with the intention of causing mayhem, police will allege.

EXPLOSIVE new evidence has emerged against bikies involved in last year’s notorious Gold Coast brawl which sparked the state’s tough anti-­gang laws.

The evidence, obtained at secret Crime and Corruption Commission “star chamber” hearings, will be used by police in the state’s biggest bikie trial this month, and came to light yesterday during a court bid by accused brawl ringleader Jacques Teamo for a separate trial.

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Police prosecutor Eric Engwirda told the court the new evidence had been obtained from 11 witnesses who had given evidence that Teamo and his fellow Bandidos went to Broadbeach with the “intention to engage in a demonstration of force and to bash members of other (bikie) clubs”.

Senior Sergeant Engwirda said the evidence showed that Teamo was at the restaurant and made “specific threats”.


Teamo is alleged to have instigated the riot by leading a posse of bikies into the Aura Tapas and Lounge Bar at Broadbeach on September 27 to threaten two rival Finks bikie associates.


Gold Coast bikie brawl caught on cop cam


The showdown was reported to have been sparked by a love triangle involving Teamo, one of the Finks associates and a woman. The riot led the Newman Government to introduce the anti-gang laws.

In an application for a stand-alone trial yesterday, Teamo’s barrister Marcin Lazinski told the court there was “no admissible evidence” of rioting against his client and he would be prejudiced by a joint trial.

“There is no admissible evidence of threats of violence, nor is there any evidence that my client engaged (in) or used violence,” he said. “We are happy to proceed (to trial) – it’s just that we want to proceed by ourselves.”

A mass trial of more than 20 of the alleged brawl participants is due to begin in Southport Magistrates Court on September 15, but several, including Teamo, have applied for separate hearings.

Former Moorooka Bandido Jonathan James Casiotis last week became the first to successfully secure his own trial in February next year.

But ex-­Brisbane chapter president Adam White and former vice­-president Ahmed Kaddour on Wednesday failed in a bid for separate trials.

Magistrate Terry Duroux said the new evidence could open a “Pandora’s box” and delay the mass trial. He will hand down his decision on Teamo’s application for a separate trial this morning.