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Elvis, cats, and a plot to steal guns from bikies

Sam Ibrahim outside Mount Druitt court hes fighting a speeding charge

Sam Ibrahim outside Mount Druitt court hes fighting a speeding charge. Source: News Limited

HIS name is Elvis.

And police claim he used a cat to trigger a laser alarm system during a failed break-in of a secure building where he was allegedly trying to steal guns for former bikie boss Sam Ibrahim.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that police will allege Elvis Mileski was the gopher in a criminal organisation that attempted to supply Rose Tattoo drummer Paul DeMarco with enough stolen firearms for him to sell for up to $270,000.

Police will allege there were delays with the supply and DeMarco was left to explain to a potential buyer there had been “difficulty with security” and the person performing the break-in “had to place a cat inside the location” so investigators would think it was a false alarm.

The other problem was the alleged potential buyer negotiating a deal with DeMarco inside his Windsor home was an undercover police operative who was wired for sound.

Police will allege DeMarco agreed to sell the operative 30 “brand new Beretta branded” guns in three instalments for up to $9000 each.

He was one of four people arrested on Tuesday and charged with conspiring to sell the weapons. DeMarco was also charged with the sale of 13 firearms to the operative.

Police from Strike Force Bootle have also charged Ibrahim, the former Nomads bikie gang boss, and his sister Jazz Dior, 43, with conspiring be the gun suppliers.

Mileski is already in prison for driving offences and is yet to be charged because police are still processing evidence against him, according to a police source.

Dior, who legally changed her name from Maha Sayour in 2013, is the de-facto partner of Mileski.

The pair own and run Clearview Hand Car Wash and Lounge on Shellharbour Rd, Warilla, where Dior was arrested.

The Clear Hand Car Wash in Warilla, owned by Jazz Dior and her partner, Elvis Mileski.

The Clear Hand Car Wash in Warilla, owned by Jazz Dior and her partner, Elvis Mileski. Source: Supplied


Police will allege Ibrahim and DeMarco communicated in coded text messages, where they said “didn’t u wanna train mate?”, which investigators claim was a question about the availability of guns for sale.

The arrests came after a five month investigation, which seized a cache of weapons including a military-issue M1 assault rifle.

DeMarko, 55, faces 27 charges and will appear in Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday. Ibrahim, 45, faces five charges and will face court the same day. Neither applied for bail on Thursday. Dior also didn’t apply for bail.


With the case against Ibrahim, Dior and Mileski relying mostly on coded conversations, tapped phone calls and so far lacking surveillance evidence, the challenge for police will be proving in court the pair were actually talking about guns.

When contacted by The Sunday Telegraph, Ibrahim and Dior’s lawyer Brett Galloway said there was no “real evidence” linking the pair to the guns.

“At this stage the police case reads like a cheap paperback but I anticipate that when the hard cover comes out it will have no spine,” Mr Galloway said.

The alleged plot was aimed at stealing guns.

The alleged plot was aimed at stealing guns. Source: Getty Images


DeMarco’s lawyer Michael Kroke said it was undecided whether the drummer would apply for bail.

Police will allege DeMarco supplied 13 guns to the operative between October and March.

On January 4, DeMarco told the operative there would be “a future bulk purchase of firearms”, which included 30 guns, to be sold in batches of 10 for $8500 to $9000 each, police will allege.

Police will allege Ibrahim and Dior were recorded talking about a failed attempt by Mileski to steal Beretta firearms in a tapped phone call on January 14.

The Sunday Telegraph understands the security at the site where the firearms was located included lasers and alarms which were too sophisticated for Mileski to breach.

On February 6, DeMarco told the operative about the difficulties and explained about the use of the cat.

Police claim that six days later, Mileski told Dior in a coded message to ask Ibrahim for $23,000 for six items.

That day, DeMarco told the operative two “Glocks”, two Berettas and two small firearms would be available soon, police will allege.

A Glock 17a pistol similar to that involved in the plot.

A Glock 17a pistol similar to that involved in the plot. Source: Supplied


But police will allege the deal was allegedly delayed and on February 14 DeMarco sent the operative a disguised text: “got a sore toe and I can’t find Joe now I must go”.

The operative visited DeMarco’s house that afternoon and the drummer told him 10 “nine millimetre Beretta pistols brand new in boxes” were soon “arriving from Perth”, police will allege.

Ibrahim later texted DeMarco: “they will be training tomorrow afternoon - 100%”, police will allege.

Police will claim the relationship between Mileski and Ibrahim soured after Mileski failed to get the guns in Melbourne.

By February 21, police will allege the Melbourne sale was doomed and DeMarco told the operative only five Beretta guns were for sale.

On February 25, police will allege that Dior returned $23,000 to Ibrahim after he said he did not “want to hear excuses”.

Police will allege DeMarco told the operative the guns had been sold and he would send him a text saying “hey what’s up” when more were ready for sale.

On Friday afternoon, police made two more arrests.

Police charged Collin Wood, 57, with six charges including possessing a prohibited weapon and two counts of possessing a prohibited pistol. He will face Parramatta Local Court tomorrow.

Another man, 43, was charged with three charges including possessing an unlawful firearm. He will face Blacktown Local Court on May 7.