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Qld police warn pubs not to let alleged bikies into premises as crackdown steps up


Police  have got ridiculous amounts of power if they can tell a business owner who he can sell his product to....

Updated 1 hour 11 minutes ago

The head of Queensland's police anti-bikie taskforce has warned hoteliers against allowing gang members in their pubs.

Superintendent Jim Keogh says officers involved with Taskforce Takeback are now moving into the suburbs after weekend operations at Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise as part of its bikie crackdown.

"We are receiving information and intelligence the criminal motorcycle gang members are meeting at suburban hotels," he said.

"I send fair warning to the licensees of those hotels that it could be their licence that swings in the balance here.

"The laws are quite strict in relation to criminal motorcycle gang members wearing any paraphernalia in licensed premises."

Officers will also today target more than 50 massage parlours on the Gold Coast as part of the operation.

Taskforce police, as well as officers from the Department of Immigration, have also focused on a number of massage parlours between Southport and Coolangatta yesterday.

Superintendent Jim Keogh says police will also look for suburban parlours.

"We are well aware criminal motorcycle gangs have strong connections with Asian countries and these girls that are working here ... most of them are subject to sponsorship," he said.

"We're looking to see who in fact are sponsoring them and also whether or not unlawful prostitution is being conducted in these premises."