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What the? Newman staffers kindly explain it's illegal for three criminal gang members to have sex in public in Queensland

Interesting they answer this question, but ignore anything serious...

Group sex in public also illegal

No clubhouses, no working in a tattoo parlours, no gathering in threes to ride motorcyles, drink beer or have sex. Source: News Limited


BIKIES will be charged under tough new anti-association laws if they engage in group sex anywhere other than private homes.

The Newman Government has revealed that some sexual encounters with bikies were not exempt from its tough Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment laws.

Lawyers have questioned why the laws were reaching into people's bedrooms. And some politicians have privately questioned why Premier Campbell Newman's staff would bother explaining how the laws affect group sex.

Newman's Facebook page posted an answer to a question about outlaw motorcycle gang members and "ménage à trois".

"About the VLAD laws. Do they make a ménage à trois illegal and if so where does this leave orgies and swingers clubs?'' a constituent asked.

Mr Newman's staff responded: "The offence is for three or more participants in a criminal organisation to meet in public. So yes, it would be illegal for three criminal gang members to have sex in public."

Bikies are also prevented from meeting at licensed premises and club houses, meaning they could be pinged if they engage with prostitutes in a licensed venue or have group sex at club houses.

Criminal lawyer Bill Potts said: "There's no room under the bed for Mr Newman or the Government and they should think about why they are reaching into people's private lives."