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Police wreak havoc on Gypsy Jokers party after seizing 246 cartons of beer, 146 bottles of spirits

illegal to drink now? FFS...

A MASSIVE party planned by the Gypsy Joker bikie gang will now be a tame affair after cops seized drugs and $21,000 worth of booze.

Officers confiscated 246 cases of beer about 2 pallets or almost 6000 cans and 146 bottles of spirits as well as cannabis and methamphetamines, which police suspect were to be used for the party at Gypsy Joker clubhouse in Horsley Park, Western Sydney.

Gypsy Jokers have had their party plans put on ice

Its believed 47 of the bikies made the trek from Perth to Sydney before police destroyed their party plans, arresting and charged four men with possession of cannabis.

They also issued four defect notices for motorbikes and nine traffic infringements.

One man was charged with driving a tow truck without an authorised licence and fined $516.

Aside from the alcohol police seized a pair of handcuffs, a radio frequency jammer, two rounds of .38 calibre and 9mm calibre ammunition as well as two antique rifles.

The four men will appear at Fairfield court next month.