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Rebels with a cause

November 6, 2013, 6:18 pm Neil Doorley Today Tonight

High-ranking members of the Rebels motorcycle club have sent a clear message to Premier Campbell Newman.


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For the first time since tough new laws were introduced to reclaim the streets from bikie gangs, members of Australia's outlaw motorcycle gang have broken their silence.

Long serving members of Rebels are vowing they won't be beaten by politicians or police, determined they will not back down in the face of the unprecedented crackdown.

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Some of the toughest laws ever introduced in Australia now targets "vicious lawless associates" of 26 Queensland motorcycle gangs, including the Rebels.

Tell us what you think: Do you agree with the Queensland Government's bikie crackdown?

The crackdown comes after bikie violence erupted onto suburban streets, with one Gold Coast brawl involving members from two rival gangs.

However, the Rebels were not involved in the brawl, and do not support such behaviour in public, according to Rebel member of 33 years 'Little Mick'.

"It's bad and because there are so many clubs, we got painted with the same brush and declared a criminal organisation," Little Mick said.

"You only have to be in a group of three before they can attack you, they've made us a criminal organisation although we only have a few criminals in the club."

Since Queensland launched its bikie blitz last month, police have charged 184 criminal gang members and their associates with 363 offences, seizing amphetamines, steroids and ecstasy.

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The new laws ban bikies from being anywhere near their own club-houses, and businesses long-linked to the gangs are also facing increased police scrutiny.

The laws also provide mandatory 15-year jail terms for gang membership, and an extra 10 to 15 years' behind bars for bikies convicted of other crimes.

Tell us what you think: Do you agree with the Queensland Government's bikie crackdown?

Little Mick says it's unbelievable that he could be targeted and serve a longer jail sentence than someone who has committed murder.

"We can't go to the clubhouse when we own the clubhouse. We worked our guts out to pay for that place for 40 years, and now are not allowed to go through the doors," he said.

According to Little Mick the Rebels are standing firm, and are directing their anger at those who drew up the new laws rather than at those who are enforcing them.

"Been here for 44 years and we're going to carry on what we're doing, which is not breaking the law," he said.


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