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How evil is Campbell Newman?

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This page contains heavy use of satire, and therefore presents a heavily biased interpretation of the state of affairs in Queensland politics. You can help AusPol Wiki by cleaning it up. It also uses a format not suited to encyclopaedic works.


CAN DO Campbell Newman is the not-corrupt premier of QLD and
Dental plan...
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the leader of the not-corrupt LNP party. He led the LNP to a record victory of 78 seats (of a total of 89) in QLD parliament giving him a total fucking majority. For those of you good at math you’ll see that’s almost a complete obliteration of all opposition. He and his (not-corrupt) developer buddies are now going ape shit making QLD a better place to live.


Let’s have a look at some of the fun stuff he’s implemented:

Jazz hands
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who then went on to:
Uhhhhh rights? What?
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mmmm oppression
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But after all that he’s still:

So really the