A South Australian man involved with the Comanchero bikie gang, who had drugs and guns stashed in secret compartments in two cars, has been jailed for at least seven years for a string of offences.

Adrian John Dalsanto argued he was only looking after the guns for someone else and was to receive just $40,000 for delivering the drugs, which included 1.5 kilograms of methylamphetamine.

But South Australian District Court Judge Paul Cuthbertson told Dalsanto it was a "weak excuse to wash his hands of the process by saying that his involvement was only on the periphery".


In his sentencing remarks published online, Judge Cuthbertson said Dalsanto's involvement with the Comancheros was probably the reason for his offending.

He said the club had provided him with a sense of belonging, fellowship and friendship that he had been lacking in his life.

The judge said the 37-year-old could take pride in his loyalty to his mates and the love he had for his family.

But he said Dalsanto needed to consider why he had involved himself in the "insidious and despicable" drug trade.

"He loves his own children but appears not to mind that the children of others should be destroyed by this drug," Judge Cuthbertson said.

"He gives loyalty to his mates but he does not care that the mates of others are destroyed by this vile trade.

"It is an incongruity that is difficult to understand."

Dalsanto pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, firearms and driving offences.

He was jailed for almost 12 years with a non-parole period of seven years.

AAP 2016