More than 50 massage parlours on the Gold Coast have been raided as part of the crackdown on criminal bikie gangs.

Police suspect gangs are behind a surge in the number of parlours along the Gold Coast Highway over the past two years.

Superintendent Jim Keogh has led a two-day blitz to determine how the parlours' sex workers, mostly from Asia, are recruited and how they enter the country.

It's unclear if a particular bikie group, if any, is controlling the parlours but Supt Keogh believes the Bandidos could be capitalising on their strong links to Thailand and Asia.

"We're looking for any links to outlaw motorcycle gangs, whether it's through offering protection to the massage parlour, or the sponsorship of the worker, or merely taking a percentage of the money made," he said.

He said officers involved in the blitz had seized a large volume of documents.

No arrests have been made but police and officers from the Crime and Misconduct Commission are pouring over the material to determine who will be interviewed.