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Lone Wolf bikie Joshua Battah threatened to ‘put a bullet in’ informant before allegedly spraying his house with bullets

  • Joshua Battah’s bail denied at Wyong
  • Charged with drive-by shooting and drugs offences
  • Police warn of ‘looming war’ between Lone Wolf and Rebels gangs
  • Senior bikie ‘supplied speed, heroin and cocaine to informant’
  • Offered to put up $200,000 surety
Police, fearing a potential ‘war’ between Lone Wolf and Rebels bikies, had been monitorin

Police, fearing a potential ‘war’ between Lone Wolf and Rebels bikies, had been monitoring their activities. Source: Supplied

THE national sergeant at arms of the Lone Wolf bikie gang called a police informant a “weak dog” and threatened to “put a bullet in u (sic) tonight” before allegedly spraying his house with six bullets, court documents reveal.



Intercepted phone calls/msgs on August 27

4.19pm - Battah asks another Lone Wolf member if he has heard from the "c*** sucker"

4.20pm - Directs another member to find out where he is "immediately".

4.30pm - Blackberry message to the informant: "Ok u weak dog I want all the paper u own rite now and all your club gear dropped to Jarrods house all our boys gonna have twenty boys kicking your door you're a weak dog I should put a bullet in u tonight no more f****** around c*** u have half an hour or I'm gonna put u in a whole makt it happen now"

4.30pm - Rings another member and says "tell him I said he's a weak dog and tell him to leave the Central Coast 'cause we are coming after him mate, he's next".

4.32pm - Rings another member to tell him he "wants to talk to the c*** right now" and "he's got half an hour brother or yeah".

4.36pm- Text: "Answer your phone or im coming to your house rite now c*** no joke".

4.52pm - Tells another member to make sure he's at the informant's house and let him know "Josh is frothing with you mate".

5.07pm - Tells another member to sit off his house

5.25pm - Blackberry message: "If your not home in 1hr, I'm burning your house down. make sure your there. I want everything back."


The explosive revelations were tendered as alleged bikie ringleader Joshua Paul Battah unsuccessfully sought bail in Wyong Local Court after his arrest at Budgewoi on Thursday — just hours after a drive-by shooting of a house on Toowoon Bay Rd, Toowoon Bay.

It comes as detectives from the State Crime Command’s Gang Squad filed a further five charges against the 33-year-old Lone Wolf member for drugs, weapons and proceeds of crime offences.

Battah has not entered pleas to any of his 16 charges, which mainly involve the alleged ongoing commercial supply of drugs to a police informant dating back to May and “knowingly direct activities of a criminal group”.

Police facts reveal officers were aware of a looming “war” between the Lone Wolf and Rebels outlaw bikie gangs.

“This ‘war’ appears to have commenced due to a recent stabbing of Lone Wolf members by a Rebels member in Tweed Heads,” the facts read.


Google image of Budgewoi near where Battah was arrested.

Google image of Budgewoi near where Battah was arrested. Source: Supplied


Police allege Battah supplied more than a kilogram of amphetamines and various other amounts of heroin and cocaine to their informant between May 8 and August 7 with a combined value of almost $100,000.

Phone taps allegedly revealed Battah had been promoted from NSW sergeant at arms to one of three national sergeant at arms within the Lone Wolf gang and recently met a senior figure of the Rebels “in relation to a recent escalation in conflict between the two (criminal motorcycle gangs)”.

The police facts said officers spoke to Battah in the afternoon before the alleged drive by shooting about the “escalating violence” and urged him to use his senior position to cool things down but he “disregarded it”.

Police allege Battah ordered their informant to meet him in Sydney to collect a cache of firearms “in relation to the recent escalation of violence” but the informant rang police instead who instructed him not to go.


The quiet town of Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast, near where the arrest occurred.

The quiet town of Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast, near where the arrest occurred. Source: Supplied


Through a series of intercepted “phone calls and messages the accused became increasingly irate with the known person for failing to attend”.

In the phone calls and messages Battah allegedly threatened to shoot and burn the informant’s house down if he did not turn up and ordered other members to find where he was “immediately”.

Battah’s barrister conceded while he was an unacceptable risk to the community, those risks could be mitigated by his brother Daniel Battah — seated at the back of the court — putting up $200,000 surety.

She said Battah would also be willing to abide by strict conditions that he live with his wife at St Clair, report daily to police, surrender his passport, work for his brother and abide by a curfew.


One of the bikie gang’s properties. Picture: Adam Head

One of the bikie gang’s properties. Picture: Adam Head Source: News Limited


She said he had few prior criminal matters, that it would take months before the analysis of drugs and other samples were finalised and the police already had him under “surveillance”.

The SC also told the court the evidence regarding the drive by shooting was “purely circumstantial”.

“With great respect your Honour they are very strict bail conditions,” she said.

“It would place him in home detention as it were, in the custody of his wife and his brother.”

However in refusing bail Magistrate Susan McIntyre said “the court has grave concerns” about the danger he posed and “the nature of the offences are of the most serious kind”.


A sign outside one of the gang’s cubhouses. Picture: AAP

A sign outside one of the gang’s clubhouses. Picture: AAP Source: AAP