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Cold Case Files: Bikie gang linked to unsolved murder of Earl Mooring

 Copy picture. of Earl Mooring. Victoria police has today increased the reward for information about the murder of Geelong ma...

Earl Mooring. Picture: Supplied Source: News Corp Australia

A TRUCKLOAD of money and the passage of almost 15 years has not been enough to bring justice to the family of Earl Mooring.

Police believe the reason for that is simple.

They think those with the knowledge to give them a result are afraid of one of the world’s most notorious motorcycle gangs, or have lied to save their own skins.


The feared Bandidos bikie gang has been linked to the crime.

The feared Bandidos bikie gang has been linked to the crime. Source: News Limited


Investigators suspect naked greed was at the root of the awful demise of Mr Mooring, who was tortured and murdered before his body was dumped in rural New South Wales.

The father-of-four thought he was saving for his future by squirrelling away $120,000 in cash at his home at Norlane, a suburb of Geelong.

Instead, he said too much to someone he thought he could trust and the nest egg became a death sentence.

It is likely the wrong people knew of the cache well before the 54-year-old Spirit of Tasmania security guard was murdered.

Months prior to his disappearance, there was evidence someone had broken in and tried to find the loot.

Mr Mooring would have been better off had they found what they were looking for.

In October 2000, he received a phone call from his girlfriend asking him to visit her home in another Geelong suburb, Whittington.





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