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Millennium Locks operators Bruno and Nuno da Silva accused of ice trafficking linked to Hells Angels

Bruno (left) and Nuno da Silva of Millenium Locks stand accused of trafficking millions of dollars' worth of ice.

Bruno (left) and Nuno da Silva of Millenium Locks stand accused of trafficking millions of dollars' worth of ice. Source: News Limited

IN THE office of Millennium Locks a tiny, hidden listening device picks up the sounds of Hells Angels counting cash.

Later, a pinhole camera captures the bikie owners shooting each other up with steroids stashed in the roof, Supreme Court affidavits claim.

On the surface, the locksmith shop across the road from a primary school is exactly as it appears.

And twins Bruno and Nuno da Silva, 36, present as poker-loving entrepreneurs who built a single mobile key-cutting service into a $1 million-dollar-a-year concern.

But, as a Supreme Court bail hearing was told yesterday, a 16-month police sting has allegedly exposed the business as a front for a multimillion-dollar ice trafficking ring putting cash in Hells Angels coffers.

New footage of brawl that triggered crackdown

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Their "receptionist", ex-Broncos footballer and then Hells Angel enforcer Michael Spence, 25, would hand out beatings to drug customers who fell behind, police claim.


Prosecutor Todd Fuller said customers in debt were then pushed into loans arranged by a former solicitor that would be transferred to the Hells Angels.

The Da Silvas answered to "the boys", as they called their Hells Angels Brisbane City Crew, Mr Fuller said.

The court heard Nuno - himself married to a lawyer - once discussed with a customer a $100,000 drug payment that would be split 30-70 between the brothers and their club.

The affidavits further allege that in September 2012, with police surveillance well under way, a drug customer drove away from Millennium with two ounces of ice on board.

Police let the man get to Moorooka before pulling him over, seizing the drugs and charging him with drug trafficking.

Bruno and Nuno charged him with a $27,000 drug debt.


Finks brawl with Hells Angels on the Gold Coast 1:24

CCTV footage from a violent brawl between the Finks and Hells Angels at a boxing match on the Gold Coast in 2006.

Police allege the brothers used a Millennium van to cart some of the $2.5 million in drugs sold over 16 months.

Bruno would deliver ice stashes to customers - no less than an ounce at a time - on a Friday or Saturday, Mr Fuller told the court.

Wednesday was collection day.

The brothers would then attend weekly "church", official Hells Angels meetings, where they would hand over the club's cut.

Surveillance footage showed Nuno seeking to recover a car from a customer with "back up" from a senior Hells Angel club mate.

As part of the customer service, Bruno would fire off text message reminders to those slow to pay.


Mongols and Hells Angels clash in Vegas 0:40

CCTV footage of the Mongols and Hells Angels clashing at the Laughlin River Run in Las Vegas, 2002.

"I hope you pull through today before 5pm otherwise all bets r off and this time we mean business I hope you have been watchin the news I don't and want control my crew they will cause serious damage to your mums house and all your mates the only reason we haven't done it is because I have held back I mean it," he allegedly had messaged on October 4.

When another man was slow to pay, Bruno allegedly sent in his Hells Angels mates, who in turn sent the tardy debtor for an extended stay in hospital with serious internal injuries, the affidavits claim.

On October 5, Bruno sent off another message.

"The deal is off you gronk F**k you I gave you a chance bang,'' he allegedly wrote.

Another message two days later allegedly read: "You have until 5pm to sms me otherwise you and your family r going to get the full brunt of what I can do I know where you mum leaves I got it of the auto electrician your choice I have given you enough chances.''

The following week, Bruno sent out another round of follow-up messages to his customers.

"You have no idea how pisses I am I will never give up hunting you think you can rip me off you have another thing coming I swear to you I will cause you and your family pain slowly and slowly it want stop even when I get my money you understand me and if I go to jail there will be plenty of my brothers who will continue,'' he allegedly wrote.

Four days later he wrote: "Hey junkie caught up with a mate of yours today see you soon.''

And a few days after that: "Junkie I am going to put a bullet in your leg I swear on my mum.''

Justice Margaret Wilson found the three were no longer "participants in a criminal organisation" as they had resigned from the Hells Angels weeks before they were charged with trafficking.

Police surveillance recorded ample evidence of their severing ties with the club, she found, including talks of arrangements to return "colours" and the melting down of gold jewellery bearing Hells Angels' imagery.

The onus of proof was not on the three ex-bikies to show why they should be given bail, she found.

Justice Wilson took a swipe at the wording of the new laws by Parliament, saying if the purpose was to toughen bail conditions for ex-bikies, "they haven't done it very well".

Peter Callaghan for Nuno said the evidence against him so far was limited to him counting cash at Millennium.

The bail hearings continue next week.

Reporting by Kate McKenna, Josh Robertson, Kate Kyriacou