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Gang Squad busts six alleged most violent Rebel bikie gang outlaws for kidnapping and torture


Outlaw bikie gang hit by police strikes
SIX of Sydney’s most allegedly violent Rebels bikies have been arrested by the Gang Squad in a major blow to the outlaw motorcycle gang.

The arrests came as the gang’s national president Alex Vella ­remained stranded in Malta after having his visa revoked by the Federal Government.


None of these Rebels — including (far left) Chris Rymer, (white T-shirt) Matt King (decea

None of these Rebels — including (far left) Chris Rymer, (white T-shirt) Matt King (deceased); and (on bike) Simon Rasic (deceased) — were part of the six men arrested last month by police over the torture and kidnapping of a former Rebel bike.

Then why put the picture up??/



Damien Vella (facing away from camera), Acting National President, and Justin Donnelly (2

Damien Vella (facing away from camera), Acting National President, and Justin Donnelly (2nd from Left), acting Sergeant of Arms for the Rebels, after the death of Simon Rasic


The six men are all known associates of Vella and belong to the Liverpool and Penrith City Chapters, considered the most violent and ­active in NSW.

They were all arrested for the kidnapping and torture of a former member in May.

None of the six men charged have been named for legal reasons.

The six are alleged to have kidnapped the 45-year-old outside a property in Castlereagh, in Sydney’s west, tied him up and cut off his nipples during a prolonged beating, leaving him unconscious and with extensive injuries to his torso, head and limbs.

Meanwhile, a select group have recently been seen with Vella in Malta. They have the tattoo “Crewthik” signifying they are part of an elite group within the bikie gang.


Rebel enforcer Ricky Ciano (back)

Rebel enforcer Ricky Ciano (back)


Appearing in a video on the Rebel site in Malta, they are known senior members Karl Seculla, president of the Penrith chapter Chris Rymer (arrested last month by NSW police), Alex Vella Jr, enforcer Justin Donnelly, Ricky Ciano and Damien Vella.


Rival gangs are eyeing off the ­beleaguered club with the Cronulla chapter decimated by members patching over to the Commanchero, including president Allan Meehan.

Rebel enforcer Ricky Ciano has been sent to Cronulla to try to stop the trend.

The club has also lost long-time respected Sergeant-at-Arms Simon Rasic, who died last month from natural causes, as well as enforcer Matt King, who suffered a drug overdose in October last year.

Strike Force Atterro set up by the Federal Government to target the Rebels has stepped up its campaign with significant arrests in Victoria last week for murder and others in Brisbane and Tasmania for drug supply.

“They are in disarray,” said Superintendent Deb Wallace, head of the NSW Gang Squad.

“The arrests in Sydney this past week are as significant as those made by our interstate colleagues.” All six were charged with special ­aggravated kidnapping and participating in a criminal group.

They have since appeared in court and have been refused bail to next appear in Penrith Local Court on September 19.

The investigation by Strike Force Salsola continues.