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Qld Government refuses to rule out Anzac Day bikie raids

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Updated Fri 10 Jan 2014, 9:59am AEDT

The Queensland Opposition says enforcing bikie laws on Anzac Day could lead to the arrests of ex-servicemen who are members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

In an open letter to newspapers, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says anti-bikie laws will be enforced on Anzac Day as they would on any other day.

The new laws ban members of outlawed organisations from gathering in groups of three or more.

Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne says police should be tolerant of all official gatherings of ex-servicemen on ANZAC Day.

"You've got 364 days to prosecute this legislation and mount this argument and do whatever needs to be done or not done," he said.

"I don't think that Anzac Day is the day to have the Queensland Police Service going and kicking the door in on infantry battalion association gatherings in order to arrest supposed bikies or their associates.

"This is simply ridiculous that the day of Anzac is going to be compromised by potentially police officers attempting to arrest ex-servicemen attending Anzac Day ceremonies.

"I think it's an ill-considered comment and one that's completely unwarranted from the Attorney-General."

Veterans motorcycle club targeted

Last October, 20 officers from the anti-bikie group Taskforce Maxima targeted the Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club at its clubhouse at Kingston, south of Brisbane.

The club is not on the list of 26 organisations banned under the new laws.

No-one was arrested, searched or cautioned during the raid.

Acting Attorney-General David Crisafulli says the anti-bikie laws have nothing to do with targeting innocent people.

"They have everything to do with targeting criminal motorcycle gangs," he said.

"Law-abiding people have nothing to fear at any time, that's the nuts and bolts of it.

"To somehow try and tug on the heart strings of a day that means so much to Australians, to try and engender support for some sort of agenda is a new low even for the Australian Labor Party."