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Concern at treatment by NSW Police at motorcycle and tattoo event


People have used social media to complain about alleged police harassment at a motorcycle event near Wollongong on the weekend.

The Custom Bike and Tattoo Show charity event is held each year at what is believed to be the Albion Park Rail clubhouse of the Fourth Reich Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

It raises money for shark patrols and other activities of the Australian Aerial Patrol based at the Albion Park Regional Airport next door.

Police say a joint operation lead by Strike Force Raptor both outside and inside the event resulted in the arrest of three outlaw motorcycle gang members for assaulting police.

Also 64 traffic infringement notices, twelve vehicle defect notices and twelve consorting warnings were issued.

But motorcycle enthusiast Greg Jenkins says police overstepped the mark in the way they tried to stop people from attending.

"So what police did as you pulled in off the main road they they had the lane blocked off, so you couldn't go in, they tried everything to find something on us to prevent it," he said.

"People were fined for having eskies unsecured in the back of their cars and pizza boxes in the back of their ute.

"Just petty little things."

Another attendee, Ree Sutton says she has no affiliation with any motorcycle club or group, but recorded the following exchange with police outside the event.

Policeman: "Do you know why we are targeting this club? No. There you go. So stop giving this officer a hard time."

Ms Sutton: "We're not."

Policeman: "They're child sexual assaults, assaults and standing over people."

Ms Sutton: "I just want (to buy) my shirt."

Policeman: "You're supporting it, get it through your thick head. That's why you are here with your bonnet up beside the road, stupid."

NSW Police said the operation was a normal Police response to an event of this kind.


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