Wynnum bike enthusiast Jamie Evans

Wynnum bike enthusiast Jamie Evans Photo: Facebook

A video of a Wynnum motorcyclist being questioned by police has gone viral on social media, after the man claimed he was being “harassed” by officers.

Jamie Evans' video on YouTube has been viewed more than 43,000 times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

The video shows several police questioning Mr Evans for 10 minutes at a service station, believed to be in Beenleigh.

Wynnum bike enthusiast Jamie Evans

Wynnum bike enthusiast Jamie Evans Photo: Facebook

The officers ask Mr Evans basic questions about his identity, if he belongs to an outlaw motorcycle club, and whether his motorcycle is roadworthy.

Mr Evans, 45, claims he was detained for “close on an hour” and released without any infringement notices or charges being laid.

“They asked for my license (sic) and I asked if they could wait until I finished filling up. I went in and paid for the fuel and when I came back out was confronted with five cop cars and 10 cops which detained me for license, breath test and vehicle compliance. A sixth car turned up to issue me with a drug test,” he wrote on Facebook.

Mr Evans, who is a member of the recreational motorcycle club The Misfits and was wearing a leather vest with their logo, said his case was proof that the Newman Government's anti-bikie laws were impacting regular citizens.

Fairfax Media has contacted Queensland Police and Mr Evans for comment.

However, the video also shows a female police officer saying that Mr Evans did not produce his licence when he was first pulled over.

Mr Evans then tells the surrounding police that he “has no respect for cops”.

Disparaging remarks about police and the state government appear on Mr Evans' Facebook page.

Mr Evans “likes” several online pages of outlaw motorcycle clubs, and other pages he supports are critical of the Newman Government.