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Dad blasts police for alleged child sex assault inaction


Fk me....

THE father of a five-year-old Warwick boy who was sexually assaulted by the teenage son of family friends, has blasted the local police Child Protection Unit for failing to charge the perpetrator.

In a statement, the father, who does not wish to be named, spoke of his anger and anguish after discovering late last year his little boy had been raped by the 15-year-old during a family visit.

He said his distress was compounded by the fact that detectives from the Child Protection Unit (CPU) based at the Warwick police station did not charge the teenager.

He said his son was interviewed by police on his own after they took statements from himself and his partner, the child's mother.

"Half-an-hour later the police asked us inside," he said.

"I asked the detective about his thoughts on what happened and he replied that he had no doubt the sexual assault took place.

"He told me not to seek justice myself, as it would make the alleged offender and his parents groom themselves before they could be interviewed by police.

"The police informed us they would speak to the alleged offender within hours.

"Days went by and we called and asked the detectives if they had charged the offender - the response was, 'we are working on it, but we have many cases to deal with' and that they were concentrating on the bikies and also had to attend courses'."

The father said in the meantime his five-year-old underwent counselling and had to endure a blood test for hepatitis and HIV, with a treating GP expressing concern the police had not asked for a medical examination.

He said another week passed and he again contacted CPU, only to be informed the detectives handling the case had gone on leave.

Another inquiry a week later was again allegedly rebuffed, with the father told that the CPU was "busy with more serious matters".

"They said they would not get a conviction and told me not to bring it up with my child and that he would 'forget about it in time'."

"I was devastated and furious and contacted the Crime and Misconduct Commission with a complaint.

"Police ethical standards investigated and the CPU was then forced to interview the alleged offender," he said.

"Moments after interviewing him one of the detectives phoned and informed us the accused teenager had freely admitted to the assault.

"The detective was abrupt as a result of (my complaint) and never offered any apology, and no charge was laid.

"A letter from the station about my complaint advised the CMC had found the detectives handled the case well and found no grounds for the complaint."

"We are now selling up and leaving a town we have many happy memories of."

A police media spokesman said they could not comment on the case because of the age of the parties involved and as the complaint had been finalised by the CMC.

Information on dealing with child sexual abuse is at