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Premier Campbell Newman says he does not like anti-bikie laws his government implemented


PREMIER Campbell Newman says he does not particularly like his controversial anti-bikie laws.

In a 4BC radio interview on Monday, Mr Newman defended the decision to implement the laws which have come under fire by members of the judiciary, members of the public and even Liberal Party member turned Australia's incoming Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson.

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"These laws are directed at some specified criminal gangs,'" he said.

"It is about criminals involved in criminal activities. And nobody else needs to worry about it.

"The boy scouts aren't on the list. The Anglican Church aren't on the list ..."


Mr Newman said the legislation had written within it a requirement that it be reviewed in three years.

But he said he was not the biggest fan of the changes.

"I don't particularly like them. I don't particularly like having to do this," Mr Newman said.

"Okay, people are sceptical about that statement.

"I'm the guy in 2012, when asked should Queensland follow the lead of NSW and ban bikies from wearing colours, I said no.

"What changed is a woman being shot in Robina while going about her innocent business on a week.

"What changed for me was seeing the signs of a riot on the Gold Coast on a Friday night.

"What changed for me was recalling what happened in Sydney airport where they hunted a guy down to kill him, in the airport in broad daylight.

"That's what we're dealing with."



Misfits biker claims 'police harassment' 1:51
A video has gone viral after Misfits biker Jamie Evans claims he was harassed by police.


His comments come after video of police questioning a member of social motorcycling group Misfits at a Brisbane service station was uploaded to social media on Saturday. By Monday morning it had been viewed more than 245,000 times.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart apologised if any recreational riders had been inconvenienced by the crackdown on bikies .

You can see the full video here