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THE Black Uhlans bikie club bombed out in its first bid to convert its Townsend Street headquarters in Albury to a function centre on Monday night.

Albury Council's planning and development committee rejected a staff recommendation for approval of the function centre proposal on a 5-3 vote.

If, as expected, council endorses the recommendation at its next meeting the scene could be set for a legal challenge in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

The major point of conjecture towards the proposal was a concession on the number of parking spots as required under council's planning rules.

The 46 parking spaces needed was reduced to 32 due to the majority of people attending the function centre will be riding bikes and not driving cars, the facility will be used exclusively by the Black Uhlans and the serving of alcohol reduced the numbers riding or driving to the venue.

Also, ample on-street parking will be available in Townsend Street when the function is operating between 5pm and midnight.

Mayor Kevin Mack led the opposition towards the function centre based on the reduced requirement on parking and also the condition of being able to open seven days a week.

"I really do believe the departure from parking in this instance is not justified," he said.

"It puts us in jeopardy of creating unnecessary precedents.

"Our development control plan loses its power and strength."The number of people attending the proposed function centre was capped at 48, but the Black Uhlans submitted plans for two major events including its annual "Poker Run" when 150 people would be present.

They would require separate "temporary event" consent with a neighbouring property owner prepared to accommodate additional bikes associated with these events.

The council's planning and development director Michael Keys said there was ample parking options to support a function centre.

Also, its hours of use and activities being predominantly on weekends didn't place the Black Uhlans in conflict with nearby businesses.

Cr David Thurley, who along with Cr John Stuchbery and Cr Henk van de Ven backed the proposal, played down any noise issues.

"I could name a number of establishments where it would be of great benefit to neighbouring properties if people left in a quiet and orderly fashion," Cr Thurley said.

"I do hope the people who leave this one leave in a quiet and orderly fashion at low revs on their Harley Davidson."

Cr Mack, Cr Murray King, Cr Alice Glachan, Cr Graham Docksey and Cr Amanda Cohn voted against the function centre.

Members of the Black Uhlans were present at the meeting on Monday.