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Bandidos move on Christchurch's patch

GANG-HO: The Bandidos have patched over Christchurch gang Rock Machine to form a new probationary chapter.

Infamous outlaw motorcycle club the Bandidos has established a chapter in Christchurch, patching over another international bikie gang that only recently announced its arrival in the country.

Police say the Bandidos' presence in the city is in its infancy and will not reveal further details about the group because they do not "deserve the air time".

"We are aware there is a probationary chapter, we are aware of who's behind it and that will be monitored like all our other gangs and issues we have in Canterbury," Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said.

The Press understands the Bandidos patched over members of the Rock Machine motorcycle club in November.

Rock Machine, established in Canada in 1986, claimed to have established a chapter in Christchurch three months earlier.

A Christchurch-based bikie, who previously said he was a member of Rock Machine, announced on Facebook the group had patched over to "something a lot better".

He posted a photo of people wearing Bandidos regalia.

The bikie declined to comment when approached for comment by The Press.

"I have nothing to say about that," he said.

In 2012, it was reported the Bandidos were setting up a chapter in South Auckland.

Police have said the gang is now established in New Zealand, with more than 20 patched members.

Figures supplied to The Press by the Department of Corrections show there were 11 people with affiliations to the gang serving prison time as at October 31, last year.

The Bandidos - described as one of the "big three" outlaw motorcycle clubs along with the Hells Angels and Outlaws - is one of the most feared bikie gangs in Australia.