Police issue consorting warnings at OMCG gathering – Kandanga

Police from the Organised Crime Gangs Group (OCGG) issued consorting warnings after attending a gathering of Bandidos OMCG members at Kandanga yesterday (November 14).

Specialist investigators from the OCGG commenced Operation Sierra Reflex after identifying a planned meeting of Bandidos OMCG members.

Detectives from the OCGG, including Taskforce Maxima, and regional police, attended Kandanga over the weekend, conducting consorting action, traffic enforcement and intelligence gathering.

Five people, including the alleged president of the Bandidos OMCG, were issued with notices to appear on six charges including disqualified driving, drink driving, possess dangerous drug (methamphetamine), possess property suspected of being stolen, fail to provide specimen of breath for drug analysis and possess prohibited item.

Four consorting warnings were issued, sixteen street checks of OMCG members conducted and five traffic infringement notices issued.

Detective Inspector Tim Leadbetter, Taskforce Maxima, said the highly visible police presence played an important role in the meeting being significantly disrupted with only about 20 people attending the Kandanga property.

Operation Sierra Reflex involved an effective policing operation with intelligence specialists conducting significant background work to identify the event, time and location.

“There is no doubt that this meeting of senior members was essentially called off due to the strong policing presence and enforcement action.

“We will continue to disrupt activities undertaken by OMCGs to make our communities safer for everyone.”