Eric Gatt member of the Mongols Bike Gang.

Alleged stand-over man Eric Gatt. Photo: Facebook

A senior member of the newly rebadged Mongols motorcycle gang has been implicated in an alleged stand-over attempt against a Melbourne dentist.

Dr Munawar Hussain has gone to police with allegations he was told he would be murdered and his business bulldozed if he did not surrender more than $80,000 worth of medical equipment, a tribunal has heard.

I became very scared and started shaking. I thought we were going to be beaten or worse. 

The allegations were aired in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, where Dr Hussain has petitioned to regain the equipment following a confrontation with a former patient-turned-business partner with links to the bikie underworld.

Dr Hussain, who owns a dental chain, was approached in early 2013 about renting space in a new cosmetic and anti-ageing clinic being set up in Sunbury.

But the tribunal heard that the Proderm Laser Clinic was only open one day before the deal went bad.

Dr Hussain said he was summoned to the clinic for an after-hours meeting with its owner, Hasan Genc, to discuss a rise in the rent and complaints he had made that supplies were disappearing from his office.

The dentist claims he was met by Mr Genc and Eric Gatt, ''a very well built'' and ''intimidating'' man wearing a sleeveless vest displaying the patch of the Finks motorcycle club. The Mongols finished a national ''patch-over'' of Finks clubs in October.

''I became very scared and started shaking. I thought we were going to be beaten or worse as Eric said he was the leader of a bikie gang,'' Dr Hussain said in an affidavit.

''Eric then said: 'We are partners', while pointing to Hasan. 'You're not taking anything from here. If you go to the police or the lawyers, I'll bulldoze your surgery in Broady [Broadmeadows]'.''

He said Mr Genc also threatened to kill him and bury him under the floor. ''He then said he's 'going to get the club' on me. He kept repeating the words, 'the club','' the dentist said.

''Just f--- off out of here and I don't want to see you again,'' Mr Genc allegedly ordered.

Dr Hussain reported the threats to police and filed an application to recover the equipment through VCAT.

Citing security concerns, Judge Pamela Jenkins had the hearing in late November moved from VCAT's King Street premises to the William Cooper Justice Centre, which was also attended by police and protective services officers (PSOs).

A relative representing Dr Hussain was chaperoned to and from the directions hearing by police, while four PSOs waited outside the court room.

A solicitor representing Mr Genc said his client had never prohibited Dr Hussain from removing the equipment but was concerned the dentist would claim items were missing that had never been there.

The solicitor also denied Mr Gatt had anything to do with the clinic.

Judge Jenkins ordered the parties to attend mediation and blocked public and media access to the VCAT file.

But on Monday, the proceedings were discontinued and the file released.

Fairfax Media understands Dr Hussain was able to collect his equipment in accordance with VCAT orders.

A police spokeswoman said Hume crime investigation unit detectives were investigating ''a report of an alleged extortion involving a business in Sunbury''. ''As the investigation remains active and ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further,'' she said.

Mr Genc did not respond to a request for comment. Dr Hussain and Mr Gatt could not be reached for comment.