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Warrawong bikie clubhouse destroyed by fire

Commiserations :-/

A Warrawong industrial unit used as a clubhouse for the Black Uhlans Motorcycle Club has been destroyed by fire overnight. 
The blaze comes about two weeks after the site was raided by police.  
Neighbours say the site, normally noisy with arriving and departing motorcycles, went quiet after the raid. 
Monday nightís fire completely destroyed the unit and caused heat damage to adjoining businesses.
Firefighters were called to the Kemblawarra Street complex at 11.46pm Monday. 
Police are now treating the site as a crime scene. 
Concerns about the structural integrity of the buildings prevented forensic services from examining the structure early Tuesday morning. 
Neighbours reported hearing multiple explosions as the fire raged. A car was inside and was completely incinerated in the blaze. 
The Mercury understands there was little of value inside the unit.