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Former ACT president of Comancheros bikie gang Peter Zdravkovic jailed over fraud, drug possession
By Elizabeth Byrne
Posted yesterday at 4:31pm

A former president of the Canberra branch of the Comancheros motorcycle gang has been sent to jail for insurance fraud and drug possession.

Peter Zdravkovic, 33, was sentenced in the ACT Supreme Court today.

He was charged with possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with the intention to supply, after a raid on a shed in his parents' backyard in April last year.

The shed had been used as a club house by the Comancheros motorcycle gang.

Earlier in the year, Zdravkovic badly damaged his Mercedes after hitting a kangaroo near Lake George.

He took out an insurance policy soon afterwards and then tried to lodge a claim of more than $80,000.

The offence was uncovered as police were already monitoring his phone calls.

The insurance company never paid the claim, but sought reimbursement for towing and storing the car.

Zdravkovic pleaded guilty to all charges.

During the hearing Zdravkovic's lawyer told the court that in a pre-sentencing interview, he said he had severed ties with his former companions after realising they were a factor in his reoffending.

But Justice David Robinson noted he had been the president of the club, not just an ordinary member.

He said for this reason, he could not take the statements into account.

"I therefore place no weight on what I consider to be the self-serving, untested statements of the offender that he no longer associates with those companions," he said.

"The offender could have given evidence attesting to the truthfulness of the statements but chose not to do so."

Zdravkovic was sentenced to 21 months in jail with a 14-month non-parole period.

The insurance company was ordered to refund his $5,000 premium, less the costs it incurred for towing and storage.