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Queensland bikie gangs told police will arrest them if they gather for Christmas


A member of the Bandidos, one of the motor cycle gangs warned not to gather in Brisbane for Christmas. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

Queensland police have vowed to arrest outlaw bikie gang members if they get together for Christmas.

Weekend raids throughout the state by officers in the anti-gang operation Taskforce Maxima resulted in 53 arrests and 100 charges laid.

Officers seized blank birth certificates, gold and diamond jewellery, $139,000 in old banknotes and almost a kilogram of pseudoephedrine, which is used to make methamphetamine.

There were raids, traffic stops and checks on tattoo parlours in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Mount Isa, Toowoomba and Townsville.

Two pythons were found in a tank at a Brisbane tattoo parlour.

Police say there will be an even greater push against criminal gangs during the Christmas and New Year period.

Detective Superintendent Mick Niland said officers would take every opportunity to use new laws that make it a crime for three or more criminal bikies to gather in public places.

"If they are at home, it won't be an offence," he told reporters on Monday.

"But on each and every occasion we will take action if we have the evidence."

Of the 53 arrests, 15 are alleged criminal gang members and have been refused bail.

They included members of the Bandidos, Hell's Angels and the Rebels gangs, Niland said.

The rest are alleged associates and have been released with notices to appear in court at later dates.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said he hoped bikies were frustrated by the ongoing crackdown.

"Until they learn to change their ways we will keep coming back," he told reporters.

"We are looking at all their criminal behaviour ... from traffic right through to drug trafficking and things like that."

He said police were also clamping down on friends of bikies.

"It cannot be socially acceptable to be a friend of a bikie," he said.

"You have to learn it is not on in Queensland."