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Former Rebels members involved in turf war banned from mixing with other bikies

CCTV footage of the alleged brawl between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs

Two former members of the Rebels motorcycle gang have been banned from associating with bikies from any other clubs, after they pleaded guilty in an ACT court to their part in an attack on two Finks members.

The brawl between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs occurred at Canberra's Belconnen Mall in 2014 and was captured on CCTV.

The pair was finally sentenced today in the ACT Supreme Court, with both allowed to serve Intensive Corrections Orders in the community.

Dean Reid, 28, will serve 20 months and have to complete 200 hours of community service, while Kirk Newman, 29, will serve 16 months, with 100 hours of community service.

Another man was sentenced to three years' jail for aggravated robbery for his part in the incident.

Prosecutor Anthony Williamson asked the court to accept a long list of names of individuals the pair would need to avoid.

He told the court some of the names were of people in other outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Reid's lawyer James Lawton raised concerns about the ban.

"He's left the Rebels," he told the court.

"He's not aware of the current membership."

Mr Lawton also said his client did not know who the current members were from other clubs.

Both men will now be subject to strict conditions under the corrections orders.

Any breach will result in jail.