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Rebels bikie gang member fined $2500 after he was busted wearing a 1% ring

Bikie fined $2000 for wearing a ring

A bikie one percenter ring, similar to what the Rebels bikie was alleged to have worn to the Coolangatta Hotel. Source: Supplied


UPDATE: A Beenleigh bikie has been fined $2500 after being caught wearing a 1% Rebels ring at a Coolangatta pub.

Paul Goodeve, 48, was busted by police sporting the large gold ring after a stoush with security guards at the Coolangatta Hotel on Saturday night.

The electrical subcontractor had been out for a drink with his adult son but they left the venue after the son became verbally aggressive with the guards.

When police stopped to question the men outside they noticed Goodeve was wearing a ring bearing the words Rebels Australia, a club insignia and the 1% symbol.

Goodeve, alleged by police to be an active Rebels member, was arrested.

Today he pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court to obstructing police and carrying a prohibited item in a licenced venue.

The banned item offence was created last year as an amendment to the Liquor Licensing Act and carries a maximum penalty of $41,250.

Solicitor Brooke Winter said his client had not flashed the ring around but simply made a "stupid" decision to wear it publicly.

Magistrate Dermot Kehoe fined Goodeve $500 for obstructing police and $2000 for wearing the ring but did not record a conviction.

Meanwhile a high-ranking Mongol has successfully argued in Adelaide Magistrates court that his two-fingered gold 'Fink' ring is just bling, not a knuckleduster. Read more on Adelaide Now.

More details to come in tomorrow's Gold Coast Bulletin.

EARLIER: A member of the Rebels bikie gang with a thing for bling could be slugged a massive fine for wearing his club jewellery to a Gold Coast hotel.

The 48-year-old has been charged with wearing gang-related jewellery - marked with the 1 per cent insignia - in a public place.

He now faces a fine topping $1100 for a night on the town.

The 48-year-old long-term member of the Rebels motorcycle gang's Beenleigh chapter was drinking with friends at the Coolangatta Hotel on Saturday night.

Taskforce Takeback acting Inspector Mat Kelly said police were called to the pub following reports of after there was an altercation with the hotel bouncers.

"One of the males has made a number of threats towards the security guards," Insp Kelly said. "He identified himself with a NSW driver's licence which is when police identified he had on his middle finger a large gold ring which had on it Rebel Australia and the 1 per cent insignia."

Police said security footage showed the man wearing the jewellery at the hotel in breach of the anti-bikie amendments to the Liquor Act.

Taskforce boss Jim Keogh said criminal motorcycle gang members needed to understand it was an offence to wear any club paraphernalia.

The bikie is expected to appear before Southport Magistrates Court today.

Prominent criminal lawyer Bill Potts, of Potts Lawyers, said the idea of arresting people based on clothing or jewellery they wore was "madness".

"It gives a whole new meaning to the term 'fashion police'," Mr Potts said.