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Aerial surveillance video secretly captured Queensland Rebels bikies meeting Odin's Warriors in northern NSW

THIS is the footage NSW police didn't want you to see.

Aerial surveillance video secretly captured members of the Rebels criminal motorcycle gang in northern NSW riding north en masse, proving bikies have carved a niche across the border - out of reach of Queensland's tough anti-bikie laws.

The Rebels have opened a clubhouse at Ballina and met with members of the Tweed Heads-based Odin's Warriors at their Machinery Drive base.

The footage shows the Rebels, who claim to be Australia's largest 1 per cent club, riding in formation on the Pacific Motorway around 6.30pm on January 4.

Members toward the front of the weekend run are seen wearing their club colours, something that is now illegal in Queensland.


Rebels and Odin's Warriors members meet at Tweed H...

Rebels and Odin’s Warriors members meet at Tweed Heads. Source: Supplied

The Rebels-Warriors meeting took place the same day members of the Odin's Warriors and the Mongols, now based at Chinderah, met at the Dolphin Hotel and the Queensland NSW border in a perceived show of defiance.


Police believe the dual meetings are no coincidence with fears the Odin's Warriors, Rebels and Mongols are aligning themselves before Queensland laws are challenged in the High Court.

The Rebels appear to have no idea the club's journey along the M1 was being tracked from the air.

Rebels members were seen crossing double lines, winding through traffic and passing illegally as they made their way to the Odin's clubhouse.

Not once during the surveillance video was a NSW patrol car sighted.


Rebels and Odin's Warriors members meet at Tweed H...

Rebels and Odin’s Warriors members meet at Tweed Heads. Source: Supplied

The Rebels were met by a 40 strong contingent of Odin's members and associates.


Top ranking members of both clubs were quick to shake hands, which police believe was a sign of the growing links between the former rival gangs.

Police later estimated at least 60 gang members attended the meeting.

Queensland police have refused to comment, but sources say it is clear it is "business as usual" across the border.

With more clubs rumoured to be looking to set up in northern NSW, pressure is mounting on Tweed Police to ramp up pressure on bikies.


Rebels members make their way to the Odin's Warriors club...

Rebels members make their way to the Odin’s Warriors clubhouse. Source: Supplied

NSW police admit their hands are tied.


"There's not much we can do to be honest. We don't have the same laws and they know it."

Police from the NSW gang squad have vowed to patrol the state's northern border for any Queensland bikies escaping tough new laws.

In October, 10 officers from Strike Force Raptor were sent to Tweed Heads to help tackle criminal gangs with orders to tell Queensland-based outlaw motorcycle gang members not to try to cross the border to flee the state's new anti-bikie laws.

A Queensland police spokesman insists the two forces regularly co-operate and it is not a Queensland versus NSW situation.