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Black Uhlan banned from surf clubs after threats made at Palm Beach Surf Club

A bikie who handed himself into the Palm Beach police station waves to the media as he is walked by police to a waiting polic...

A bikie who handed himself into the Palm Beach police station waves to the media as he is walked by police to a waiting police transport vehicle. Source: GoldCoastBulletin


UPDATE: A former bikie has been banned from every surf club on the Gold Coast after allegedly threatening to harm a staffer and his family.

Police have alleged Martin Hanns, 36, was drinking at the Palm Beach Surf Club bar on Saturday but became aggressive when staff refused to allow a friend to enter.

The Southport Magistrates Court was told Hanns and his friends had been previously told were welcome to drink at the club as individuals but not as a group.

But around noon Hanns, a recently retired Black Uhlan, allegedly confronted the club manager and threatened to "flog the living (expletive)" out of him in front of CCTV cameras.

Police prosecutor Bob Falconer said Hanns then threatened to track down and harm the manager's wife and children at their home.

He said Hanns stormed off but later rang police to allegedly offer an apology.

Yesterday Hanns turned himself into police but upon his arrest he denied the allegations.

Solicitor Joe Wicking said Hanns disputed the extent of the threats.

"The police allegations are not accepted in their entirety," he said.

He sought bail arguing his client was a FIFO miner in Tasmania who lived part-time on the Gold Coast with his parents.

Police objected to bail and Magistrate Brian Kilmartin agreed the nature of the alleged threats was "concerning".

However he granted Hanns bail with strict conditions that he not go near any surf lifesaving establishment on the Gold Coast, report three days a week to police and have no contact with the club manager or witnesses.

He will return to court next year.


EARLIER: A Black Uhlan yesterday handed himself in to Gold Coast Police after a complaint was made by the Palm Beach Hotel licensee about the bikie threatening him on the weekend.

The man was taken into custody after he visited Palm Beach Police Station in the early afternoon and he is due to appear in Southport Magistrates Court today charged with public nuisance.

Police are intending to oppose bail after the bikie allegedly threatened the licensee again while he was being questioned.

The arrest is the last in the long line under Operation Resolute, with 442 offenders charged with 942 charges as of yesterday by officers working the Maxima and Takeback taskforces.

A total of 171 premises were searched as well, while 159 traffic tickets were issued.

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Brett Pointing visited the Gold Coast yesterday to report on the success of the operation.

"It has been about three month's since the incident at Broadbeach and a lot has happened since then," he said.

Besides the number of arrests and the publicised drop in crime, Deputy Commissioner Pointing said the biggest win from the operation was that places like Broadbeach were now safe for families again.