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Bikies can gather at Anzac Day services without being charged, says Queensland’s top cop


More from the people in our own Nazi Germany...

ANZAC Day may provide outlaw motorcycle gangs with the chance to gather without being charged under Queensland’s tough bikie laws.

Commissioner Ian Stewart said police were not planning to target criminal gangs who may gather during Anzac Day services.

That may give bikies a window of opportunity to catch up illegally.

However, Mr Stewart said there would be no room for criminal behaviour on the day.

“The message is clear,” he said.

“If you are not breaking the law, you have no need to be concerned, but maintaining public order and community safety is paramount to the QPS.

“Demonstrations of violence or criminal activity by anyone, let alone criminal gangs will not be tolerated.”

Mr Stewart said police would uphold Anzac traditions, and thus any necessary investigations into suspected criminal activity would be conducted after services finished.