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Nomads president part of a trend of young bikies on the Coast

IS youth the new look for the Gold Coast’s outlaw criminal motorcycle gangs?

Police allege baby-faced Jordan Anthony Rance is the president of the Gold Coast chapter of the Nomads.

Last week the 22-year-old was extradited from NSW and charged with a spate of offences – including robbery with violence and extortion – in relation to an alleged drug debt.

Police yesterday told the Southport Magistrates Court a tattoo of a one per cent symbol on Rance’s hand was evidence he was a bikie.

“He’s got a tattoo of a swastika on his hand but he’s not a member of a Nazi party,” said his barrister.

However, Rance’s barrister Chris Rosser said the suggestion his client, whose girlfriend is expecting their first child in the coming months, was involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang or could have ascended to the rank of president, was farcical.

“He is denying the allegations completely,” Mr Rosser said.

“The prosecution haven’t put up anything to say he is a member, or was a member ever, of a criminal motorcycle gang.


“Any physical evidence can show that a person is a member of an organisation but it can only show it – it can’t necessarily prove it.

“He’s got a tattoo of a swastika on his hand but he’s not a member of a Nazi party.”

Rance’s Facebook page, where he goes by the name of “Phillip McDougal”, features multiple images, posted as recently as June 12, in which Rance is wearing Nomads clothing marked “president”.

Jordan Rance described himself as a model, actor and a personal trainer on social media.

In other posts he is pictured with his partner and other men in Nomads colours.

On another Facebook page last posted on in 2014, Rance describes himself as a model and actor at Showcase Management, a promo staff member at Blush Nightclub and a personal trainer at Jetts Fitness.

The young man’s alleged affiliations come as Taskforce Maxima boss Detective Superintendent Michael Niland said the demographics of bikie gangs were changing, with younger members being actively recruited.

“The demographics are changing and sometimes we’re seeing these young males join these clubs without probationary periods because the gangs are trying to attract young males,” he said.

“The trend is definitely changing for a number of reasons but it seems younger people are attracted to that sort of gang lifestyle and mentality.”

Jordan Rance was last week extradited from NSW and charged with a spate of offences.

Det Supt Niland said young men were rising to senior ranks as older members moved on.

“Sometimes they get these positions because the hierarchy are moving on, or no one puts their hand up for them,” he said.

“Some of the hierarchy have moved on over the last three years as Gold Coast police have applied the pressure and actively discouraged the lifestyle.”

Jordan Rance applied for bail after being charged in relation to two alleged incidents in Toowoomba in which the same victim was targeted.

In the first, police will allege Rance took the victim’s car over a $7000 drug debt in August 2015 but returned it when the victim’s parents paid the debt.

In the second incident, in December 2015, police allege Rance smashed his way into a Toowoomba home and assaulted the victim over a debt.

The matter was adjourned for magistrate Kay Philipson to look over both parties’ material.

He will appear in court again on Friday.

An photo of Jordan Rancee posted in social media.