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Bikie enforcer jailed over kill threats to ex-partner and her young son

A FEARED bikie who threatened to slit the throat of his ex-partner and her young son as they slept will spend at least two years behind bars for a string of sickening assaults.

Despite an intervention order being in place to protect the woman, the high-ranking bikie launched a shocking six-month campaign of terror against her and her son.

It stopped only following his arrest by police in June.

Detectives launched a huge manhunt for the bikie enforcer, who was eventually found hiding in the closet at his girlfriend’s home.

He had already served a term of imprisonment for breaching intervention orders against her but could not be deterred after their 13-year relationship ended last September.

“I'm going to f---ing cave your head in and don't think people will stop me,” he told her on one occasion in front of dozens of witnesses.

The repeated breaches spanned six months and included phone calls, break-ins and hundreds of threatening texts.

“Your days are numbered,” he told her in one and warned her to “order a coffin” in another.

After breaking into her home one night and forcing her into hiding the man returned the next morning and unleashed a tirade of abuse calling her a “whore, dog and rat”.

The man, a serjeant-at-arms of one of the country's most notorious outlaw motorcycle gangs, also threatened to burn his ex-partner's home down and had accused her of cheating.

Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court heard the man was a serious violent offender who had a history of intervention order breaches dating to 1997.

And a forensic psychologist has warned that when released he has a high risk of similar offending.

“This is family violence at its highest,” police prosecutor Senior Constable Chris Aitken told the court.

“There's no mitigation for that sort of behaviour.”

Defence lawyer Peter Randles said while his client had acted appallingly, he had received mixed messaged from the victim.

Mr Randles said the woman had told his client she wanted him to remain an important part of her son's life and had continued to write to him in jail.

“He has a strong resolve (to end that relationship) that isn't matched by the person who should,” he said.

“She does not indicate an intention to meet with him in completely severing this relationship.”

The man pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges including unlawful assault, criminal damage and threat to kill.

He also pleaded guilty to a string of charges of persistently breaching an intervention order.

Magistrate Sarah Dawes said the conduct displayed by the bikie enforcer would not be tolerated by the courts.

“I'm not persuaded that anything other than a substantial term of imprisonment is appropriate for these offences,” she said.

Ms Dawes imposed a total effective sentence of three years’ imprisonment with a two-year non parole period.