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Nomad link to Gold Coast Brotherhood gang behind violent Burleigh surf shop attack


Gang violence breaks out in Burleigh
Footage shows a man and woman chased into a surf shop by alleged Gold Coast Brotherhood gang members where the man was savagely bashed.
POLICE have linked the ­Nomads criminal motorcycle gang to street club the Gold Coast Brotherhood after seizing bikie paraphernalia in a ­series of raids yesterday.

The crackdown along the southern end of the Gold Coast comes after violence erupted between the Southside Soldiers and the Brotherhood in a Burleigh surf shop on Easter Saturday.


Police are searching for this man wanted on a return to jail warrant and for questioning in relation to a violent assault at a Burleigh surf shop


A terrified bystander was caught in the middle of the savage attack when Brotherhood members trapped and ­attacked a rival in the surf shop in the heart of Burleigh Heads.

Taskforce Takeback responded with a series of lightning raids and uncovered direct evidence linking the brotherhood to the Nomads.

Taskforce boss Superintendent Jim Keogh said a Nomad vest and club paraphernalia was found in the Palm Beach home of a senior member of the brotherhood.

Police stormed his Palm Beach unit which backs on to prestigious Jefferson Lane yesterday afternoon.

“During the raid, police ­located paraphernalia from the Nomad criminal motorcycle gang including a vest and a number of patches,” Supt Keogh said.

“Police also found drug utensils in the unit.”

Several people are wanted for questioning over the assault, triggered by tensions ­between the rival gangs.

Police raid a senior member of the brotherhood’s Palm Beach unit.

Police raid a senior member of the brotherhood’s Palm Beach unit. Source: News Limited


Police released an image of one man wanted on a return to prison warrant who may be able to assist the investigation.

Supt Keogh said that while the crackdown had been successful against criminal motorcycle gangs, the youth gangs and feeder clubs had stepped into the void.

“While they are not criminal gangs, they are certainly linked to drugs and violence and there is clearly an element of peer pressure and pack ­mentality.

Police appealed for anyone who had come into contact with the gangs or their members to come forward.