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Bikie tells cops to rebel, 'apologise' for crashing funeral
Luke J Mortimer
Luke J Mortimer | 24th May 2016 3:54 PM Updated: 4:32 PM

A GLADSTONE bikie who led the convoy of Harley's to a funeral last Friday has posted an angry open letter to Queensland Police on social media, insisting police apologise.

Chris Hawes -- a Sergeant-of-Arms with the bikie gang Black Uhlan M.C. who was pulled over by police on his way to his brother-in-law's funeral -- is calling on police to break ranks and "contact my family discreetly to give an explanation or to apologize".

"I'd say you have decent people working in the police force that would be more than happy to apologize to James' family and friends who were bullied and harassed on the day," he said.

"Unfortunately they won't get a chance because of the standover tactics and bullying [that] is rife amongst your workforce."
Chris Hawe, Gladstone Sergeant at Arms, Black Uhlans M.C.

Chris Hawe, Gladstone Sergeant at Arms, Black Uhlans M.C.

Mr Hawes also took aim at Detective Superintendent Mick Niland for his statement on the incident, first published in The Observer yesterday, in which he tried to explain the reason behind the beefed up police presence.

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Det. Niland, also the Commander of Taskforce Maxima, QPS' anti-bike squad, said two members of the taskforce were deployed to Gladstone to assist local police in monitoring the funeral.

He said six people were arrested on drug driving charges, but a QPS spokeswoman today said clarified that number, saying it was just four.

But aside from the "he said, she said" hazy facts of what went on when as many as 30 police officers set up road blocks and pulled over those on their way to the funeral, Mr Hawes' biggest wound still remains that he feels his family was treated differently.

"You say funerals are tricky," he said, referring to Det. Niland's statement. "What the hell? It's straight forward."

"Treat any funeral as if it was yours or one of your family members."

On Thursday Queensland Police said it wouldn't be commenting further on the story or Mr Hawes' call for an apology.