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Bikie gang member stabbed after forcing way into house, court hears


Sean Trigg 48, was allegedly stabbed to death inside a Bridgewater house.

Photo: Sean Trigg 48, was allegedly stabbed to death inside a Bridgewater house. (Supplied)

Map: Bridgewater 7030

An Outlaws Motorcycle Club member was killed within seconds of forcing his way into a Bridgewater house, a Hobart court has heard.

Sean Trigg, 48, was allegedly stabbed to death inside the house last year.

Matthew James Linton, 35, pleaded not guilty to murder.

Preliminary proceedings in the Hobart Magistrates Court heard Linton's then-girlfriend was drinking with Mr Trigg in a clubhouse in the hours leading up to the stabbing.

A fellow club member said another man joined the pair for a drink before Mr Trigg yelled at the man to get out.

In other evidence, Linton's neighbour Ricky Howard said on the night of the stabbing he heard a woman screaming and he went outside to investigate.

He said he saw Mr Trigg on the street and the pair walked to Linton's house, where the bikie banged on windows yelling: "Come out here you woman basher".

Mr Howard said Mr Trigg shouldered the front door in and went inside.

Moments later he said he heard Mr Trigg yell: "He's stabbing me".

Earlier, Linton's friend Melissa Gregson told the court he had called her three times after the alleged attack.

She said Linton told her unnamed people had broken through the front door armed with a machete and he had picked up a knife off the kitchen sink and "must have got him in the heart".

Ms Gregson said Linton told her earlier in the day he had gone to the Outlaws clubhouse and "they" had bought him a drink and then bashed him.