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Man who died after being dumped outside Tweed Heads hospital with gunshot wound named as Ace Hall

A MAN who died after being dropped outside a northern NSW hospital with a gunshot wound to his torso has been named as Ace Hall.

Police said that although heavily-tattooed Mr Hall had links to bikies and was known to police, he was not a member of a bikie group.

Tweed Heads Local Areas Commander Detective Inspector Wayne Starling there was also no evidence to suggest the brazen fatal shooting on the Tweed has any links to a State of Origin night gang brawl at the Seagulls Leagues Club at Tweed Heads.

However he said police, including NSW homicide detectives flying from Sydney, would not “rule out” any lines of investigation.

Police are not ruling out any lines of inquiry into Ace Hall’s death. Picture: Facebook/Ace Hall

Police said Ace Hall was known to them but was not a bikie. Picture: Facebook/Ace Hall

“The victim involved in the shooting was not a member of any outlaw motorcycle gang known to us,” Detective Inspector Starling said.

“At this stage there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest this is a retaliation by any bikie group,” Detective Inspector Starling said.

Mr Hall was dumped at Tweed Heads hospital about 4.30pm Saturday.

He said the Tweed Heads community had nothing to fear in regards to violence or organised crime, as the shooting was an isolated incident.

Mr Hall was dumped in the carpark outside Tweed Heads Hospital about 4.30pm yesterday with a gunshot wound to the stomach and died soon after.

Witnesses said Mr Hall’s girlfriend arrived screaming that her boyfriend had been shot.

The shooting initially sparked fears of a new wave of bikie violence on the and alarmed police and community leaders.

TV coverage of a bikie brawl that erupted between Bandidos bikies and Lone Wolf members outside the Seagulls Club in Tweed Heads on Origin night. Picture: Channel 7

It followed last week’s wild brawl between Lone Wolf and Bandidos bikies outside Seagulls Leagues Club at Tweed Heads on State of Origin night on Wednesday.

More than a dozen rival gang members clashed outside the club in a violent confrontation eight minutes after the kick-off of the match between Queensland and NSW, terrifying families at the venue who were there to watch the game.

Ace Hall. Pictures: Facebook

He was shot in the stomach.

Witnesses said Mr Hall’s girlfriend arrived screaming that her boyfriend had been shot. Picture: Facebook/Ace Hall

A number of men were arrested in the aftermath of the brawl but released pending further investigation.


The Tweed area has been home to several outlaw motorcycle gangs in recent years, with control of the local drug trade changing hands repeatedly.

In March 2014 a clubhouse operated by Odin’s Warriors was shut down by the NSW Gangs Squad. A year later a Rebels clubhouse was also shut down.

The latest violence is likely to prompt a response from the Gangs Squad’s proactive arm, Strike Force Raptor.