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Bikie receives $2200 fine

THE Sergeant of Arms of the Airlie Beach chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club has been fined $2200 under Queensland's new bikie laws.

Zachary John Kunze was brought to the Proserpine Magistrate's Court in police custody on Monday, charged with possessing dangerous drugs and entering or remaining in a licensed premises while wearing or carrying a prohibited item.

Duty lawyer Sherrie Meade originally applied for an adjournment but police prosecutor Elizabeth Cassells objected to bail.

After a short conference, Ms Meade said the 34-year-old was prepared to plead guilty to the charges.

"While he doesn't agree 100 per cent with the [prohibited item] charge, he would prefer to finalise the matter today," Ms Meade said.

The court then heard that at 11.40pm on March 22, police were patrolling the Airlie Beach CBD when they saw Kunze on the footpath outside the Phoenix Bar.

Ms Cassells said he had been inside the club and stepped out to have a cigarette. She said he rolled up his shirt sleeve displaying an Outlaws tattoo on his right shoulder, which drew the attention of police.

During a subsequent search, Kunze was found to be wearing a belt saying "one per center, Outlaws MC Australia" with a buckle which was similarly marked.

He was also in possession of an Outlaws branded wallet containing a business card for the Airlie Beach chapter of the club. A rectangular tab, believed to be Lysergide or 'Acid', with an image of Popeye on one side, was found in his jeans pocket.

Ms Meade argued Kunze had not been blatantly displaying these items inside the club, but magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said he invited trouble upon himself.

Mr Stjernqvist surmised that being a member of the motorcycle club, Kunze "wouldn't care less" about a conviction being recorded.

"So the conviction's recorded," he said.