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Court lets exiled Geelong Bandido bikie Daniel Roach return from Thailand

THE Federal Court has paved the way for exiled Geelong Bandido bikie Daniel Roach to return to Australia by quashing the Immigration Minister’s decision to cancel his visa.

Roach can now apply again for a five-year resident return visa, which the Minister must determine “according to law”.

Justice Melissa Perry has not yet ruled on whether the Federal Government will have to pay for Roach’s more than year-long legal bills.

UK-citizen Mr Roach had applied for a new visa and was in Thailand training in mixed martial arts when the Minister exercised his discretion to refuse the application on character grounds without giving notice on May 3, 2015.

Mr Roach appealed to the Minister and on June 29 he again found Mr Roach did not pass the character test.

Mr Roach has lived in Australia since he was 17 years old, has two children and a long-term defacto partner.

Late Friday Justice Perry overturned the Minister’s decision because he failed to consider the level of risk Mr Roach posed to the community.