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Newman links bikies to gyms as shopfronts for drugs

F me we crucified Jesus too...coming soon...

FIRST it was tattoo studios, then it was builders, now Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is linking bikies to gyms, accusing some of acting as a shopfront for illegal steroids and drugs.

Reports in a Brisbane newspaper on the weekend suggested violence in key entertainment precincts was being driven not just by alcohol, but also by cocktails of steroids and "ice", a popular form of amphetamine.

Mr Newman said police told the government "criminal motorcycle gangs" were now using gyms to sell both ice and steroids to willing users.

"If you don't believe the criminal motorcycle gangs have got a huge ripple impact across the Queensland community, think again," he said.

"This is another example."

The government is also considering mandatory drug and alcohol tests for those involved in violent incidents, but is asking for community feedback before a decision is made in March.

Anti-bikie legislation introduced by the state government has targeted tattoo parlours run by those linked to motorcycle gangs.

It is now applying the same scrutiny to the building industry, with Queensland tradies to face police background checks.