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Crackdown on Rebels motorcycle gang nets 2000 bikies

Rebels crackdown nets 2000 bikies

More than 2000 Rebels members have been arrested or reported in a crackdown on the motorcycle gang Source: News Limited


A NATIONAL taskforce targeting the Rebels bikie gang has led to the arrest or reporting of 2056 bikies and their associates and hit the finances of outlaw groups, with a $3 million haul in unpaid taxes and drugs.

The Australian Crime Commission’s Attero Taskforce, which is aimed at disrupting outlaw motorcycle gangs across Australia with a focus on the Rebels, has also resulted in the seizure of 52 firearms.

ACC acting chief executive Paul Jevtovic told Senate estimates that law enforcement agents had seized more than $1.8m in unpaid taxes and $1.2m worth of drugs and precursor drugs, as at November 30 last year. The drugs include amphetamines, cannabis, ecstasy and steroids.

The Attero taskforce, which was launched early last year, has so far targeted the Rebels, but the ACC has warned the crackdown will be extended to other outlaw motorcycle groups.

The Queensland government has led a hardline anti-bikie crackdown, including new laws under which criminals found to be members of an outlaw gang can face an extra 15 to 25 years in jail unless they inform on their group.

Attero combines law-enforcement efforts from across the country.

Mr Jevtovic said the ACC’s role was to coordinate the efforts of agencies in different states and territories to ensure they were not working at cross-purposes or on identical targets.

The Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission have also joined forces with police to uncover a sophisticated web of legal and illegal businesses.