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yee gods even Wuth dislikes these laws!

Wuth: The Newman Government's extraordinarily harsh crusade against bikies could backfire

OPINION: Hey Queensland, the 19th century called and wants its prison system back.

The Sunshine State has stepped into the dark ages, courtesy of the crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs.

The State Government's tough on crime approach to incarcerated bikies has crossed the line from zero tolerance to simply inhumane.

Bikies jailed for who they are, not what they have done, being kept in isolation cells for 23 hours a day - that's no human contact at all.

A tiny cell with a slit in the door, a bed, a toilet bolted to the cell floor. No TV or newspapers. They have books but these guys aren't big readers.

No access to exercise.

And now, no natural light.

Yes, the Newman Government is building metal walls outside bikie prison cells so that they can't look outside.

All they have to do for 23 hours each day is to look at concrete walls.

So determined is the Government to ostracise the bikie population, they have draped material across windows to block the view until the walls are built. Can you imagine what that must be like?

If you locked a dog for 23 hours every day in a shed, you'd risk being charged by the RSPCA with animal cruelty.

But suddenly it's OK to jail a human for 23 hours a day.

Is Daniel Morcombe's alleged killer being subject to the same treatment? No.

How about sex offenders? Rapists? No and no.

This cruel and unusual punishment is reserved for bikies. Top criminal lawyer Bill Potts compared it to Guantanamo Bay and described the tactics as torture.

For once, I agree with him.

Our learned Attorney-General, armed with his encompassing education at the University of the Sunshine Coast and the Queensland University of Technology, is dragging Queensland into dangerous legal territory.

The message is spreading around the world.

Even Al Jazeera is looking at exposing our "inhumane" laws, approaching key stakeholders in the legal battle.

Despite the good that Taskforce Takeback and Maxima have achieved in getting bikies off the streets, Jarrod Bliejie's crusade risks turning the tide of public opinion. Not for bikies, but against oppression.

The hysteria has now spread to people who count these people as friends, with police warning it was no longer "socially acceptable" to be friends with a bikie.

Excuse me police are ordering Queenslanders who they can and can't befriend?

This legislative crackdown is nothing more than a blatant potential vote winner at a time when the LNP is on the nose with the electorate and with Campbell Newman uncertain to hold Ashgrove come the next election, perhaps the A-G could be positioning himself as heir apparent?

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster ... for when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you."