Bikie gangs on notice: We don’t want you here


Assistant Police Commissioner Donna Adams has issued a strong warning to bikie gangs in Tasmania. Picture: Nikki Davis-Jones Source: News Corp Australia


TOP cop Donna Adams has vowed to run bikie gangs out of the state, insisting they have arrived in Tasmania to break the law.

In an exclusive Q&A with the Sunday Tasmanian, the respected assistant commissioner says outlaw gangs like the Rebels are here to build on their criminal activities around the country.

“They’re not welcome,” Ms Adams said.

“They’re criminal entities that basically are involved in the distribution of illicit drugs, firearms and fairly violent standover tactics.”

Ms Adams said recent criminal proceedings, including the jailing of Nicholas Mark Stebbins after the state’s biggest drug bust, proved ­bikies were involved in the distribution of dangerous drugs.

“We don’t want them here,” she said.

“We’ll continue to do what we can and work with other agencies to disrupt them and put as many of them behind bars as we can.

“They are not here for community-minded pursuits — they’re here to build up their empire through illegal acti­vities.”

Stebbins, a former Rebels associate, was jailed for 12½ years earlier this month following an $11 million drug bust.

The Blackmans Bay man brought amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy into the state from China between 2012 and last year.

“There was a network with the Rebels motorcycle gang,” Ms Adams said.

“If those drugs had got out on to the street, there are a number of vulnerable young people who could have been exposed.

“There is a clear link and that is one of the main reasons we want to disband outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

The Rebels are believed to have eight clubhouses throughout the state, while the Black Uhlans, Devil’s Henchmen, Finks, Outlaws, Satan’s Riders and, most recently, the Mongols, also have a presence in Tasmania.

“While they patch themselves up and they promote that they are part of an outlaw motorcycle gang, they are telling the community that they are out there to behave ­illegally and to basically build an economic empire,” Ms Adams said.

Her comments come just days after the Australian Crime Commission released a report warning that 60 per cent of organised crime groups were profiting from the “mind-eating” drug ice.

Last year, claims that one in seven residents of Smithton could be using the drug resulted in fears of an epidemic in Tasmania.

Ms Adams said Tasmania Police was gathering evidence of any link between ice and lower level crimes, such as burglary.

Originally published as Police put bikie gangs on notice