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 Police storm the lavish lairs of Australia's notorious bikie gangs

Police bust open the lavish lairs of Australia’s bikie gangs

VIDEO Police attached to Strike Force Raptor raid the homes, businesses and clubhouses of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Source: NSW Police

News Corp journalist Yoni Bashan said the size of these bikie operations creates a unique police strategy, and is not like investiagting an individual crime.

"If you consider some of these gangs have members mounting in the hundreds or even the thousands, you can't really take down that many people with just long investigations that target murder and drug supply for example," he recently told Weekend Sunrise.

The force is attempting to take the 'gloss' away from outlaw motorcycle gangs, deterring people from joining the crime-ridden groups in the first place.

Police dismantle another bikie club in the Hunter Valley. Source: NSW Police