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Ex-Rose Tattoo frontman calls Queensland’s anti-bikie laws an ‘overreaction’

Bikie laws really get him Angry

Angry Anderson is not a fan of Queensland’s anti-bikie laws. Source: Supplied

ROCK icon turned Nationals candidate Angry Anderson has branded the Newman Government’s anti-bikie laws as “retarded”.

The ex-Rose Tattoo frontman says he will abandon his run for the NSW Parliament if it adopts the same laws crushing bikie gangs some of his “best mates” belong to.

He has put up two songs for a CD to raise funds for a bikie High Court challenge he expects will send the Government back to the drawing board.

Anderson, once a Vigilantes member long before the gang ran with the Hells Angels, said the Queensland laws – especially anti-association laws – were an “overreaction”.

He said he had “no doubt the public has had enough” of reckless violence involving gangs who had “foolishly invited in a criminal element”.

But the Newman Government had “stupidly and ignorantly punished every member of a club because several members are criminals”.

Bikie networks smashed as police pounce on gangs along the Queensland and NSW border. Courtesy: Police Multimedia


“I have a strong belief that these retarded laws in Queensland will be overturned in court and then they’ll have to go back and redraft sensible and balanced legislation.

“If NSW was to adopt (the laws), I would have to not run for Parliament because if it came down to not associating with your brothers, I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

“If it means that I’ll be put on a notebook somewhere as an associate of outlaw motorcycle club members, well, so be it, because I’ve had them as friends for 30 years.”

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the “firm but fair” laws were “protecting the innocent from organised criminal gangs who extort everyday Queenslanders, peddle drugs and use violence to get what they want”.