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Bankstown 2016

Christ woke up at 4am...thanks imaginary entity! Got up at 5 a had a coffee and a feed and sat on facebook till the sun came up ,almost, at 6.45 and was off..Bout 12C so not hot but not to cool, and best of all no rain over over the top of the hill , though I did feel a couple of good drops through Katoomba , but fortunately that was all.. Pulled into the show about 2 1/4 hrs later , and a good number of bikes in already..

I wandered round taking a few pics for  awhile, then into my allotted slot looking after bike entries for a few hours...

Unfortunately apparently the local goon squad (c)raptor was out side hassling everyone , so they could have some overtime , I wonder when the current Nazism fashion sweeping parts of the world will finally be vanquished...not soon enough!


Lots more pics on FB and on Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show and Hard n Fast social club pages by people who can actually stand still when they hold a camera...!